During your stay with us in KC

You won't have to dig a bunker, build a shower,

do your own laundry or live in a tent!


The staff of the Harrahs Resort Hotel has all that under control, and the
cost has been reduced to

$85.00 + tax for a standard room.

As usual, Tax and service fees are added for a total cost of $107.?? per nite

These Prices will remain in effect until September 5, 2017 then they will be sold at the regular rate!

If you even think that you might want to attend, we suggest that you make your reservations A.S.A.P. so that we can show the hotel is we need more rooms than we have blocked off.  You can always cancel if you have to, it's better to have the room and cancel, than not be able to get a room later.  All you have to do is go to Harrah's web site and make a reservation with them. 

Here is a link to the reservation page. (Reservations)

If you want to call Harrah's for reservations the phone number is (800) 427-7247. 

Group Code: S09FOX7

Group Name: 364 Reunion-Purple Fox

Arrival Date and Departure Date

Your room rate should be $85.00 plux Tax (approximately $107.00)

  Then send Joe (the SLJO) an e-mail  or give him a call at (666) 398-0060 to tell him you have your room reservation confirmed. 





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