If you were ever in HMM-364/VMM-364

the Dogs and Frogs Want You to attend!


HMM-364 Kansas City Reunion

                 19 Sep 2017 - 22 Sep 2017

      What has become of all those Marines that we served with in HMM-364 the "World Famous Purple Foxes"?  Many years ago a few of the (63-66) HMM-364 people got together swapped a few stories and wondered what had happened to the rest of the squadron.  Generating many e-mails and phone calls, we began locating more of the Marines that served in our great squadron.  One thing has led to another and we now want you to help celebrate with our squadron.  We hope to add some MV-22 folks this year to prove that we are one big squadron.  This gathering will be held in Kansas City MO. Sept 19th 2017 to Sept 22nd 2017 time frame and everyone that has ever been a "Purple Fox" is welcome!  This get together will be to see old friends, re-tell some stories. and re-establish contact with some damn close friends and squadron mates. 

     Details are still being worked on and specific information will be forth coming as it becomes available so, for now, clear your calendars and polish your boots.

     For those of you that think you might want to join us, We hope you will attend, but if not, drop us a line or email anyway, just to let us know how you're doing.

For further information about  hotel rooms, meals, souvenirs, what's happening and who's attending the reunion, just click on the links below (either the Eagle, Globe and Anchors, or the text under them) to move on to the indicated pages.  Go to the Comm. Center page about once a week for messages and input from other Marines and Corpsman.



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