Ya might have to eat outside, but ya ain't doin yer own dishes!

Harrahs has volunteered to Clean the mess and wash all the dinner dishes!

Wednesday we will have a Buffet at Harrahs.

The menu includes:  To be announced, but I think that it going to have something to do with Fish.


Yours for only $50.00 per plate

Thursday you will just have to "rough it" at Harrahs again.

The menu will be a Country Buffet consisting of:

Sirloin Beef Served with Bordelaise Sause

Chicken Breast with a lemon-Butter Sauce


Fresh Vegetables

Over Roasted Potatoes

Macaroni and Cheese


Apple Pie

Berry Cobbler

Chocolate Cake

Your cost will be $50.00 per plate.

LtCol. Tom Holden, the Commanding Offer that stood the squadron up in 1984 in Hawaii, will be the guest speaker.

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