PX Items

After viewing these photos you'll know why your Gofer isn't seen anywhere with a camera in hand.  However the items are of good quality and all proceeds go to maintaining these reunions and paying for any active duty participation when appropriate,  A full financial report will be available on request shortly after this reunion has concluded.  Give the SLJNCO a little time to get all the numbers in.

Items can be ordered and shipped at a slightly higher cost (postage charges), however nothing will be shipped any earlier than 1 October 2017. 


   Walt Wise has a few of these for sell at a cost of $60.00


       These coins are 11/2 inch in diameter and will cost you $10.00!
    These mouse pads are approximatly 8" X 8" and rubber backed

  This is a good quality 50/50 cotton/polyester made by Port & Company.           The shirts are the same as every other year except we added VMM to the purple fox patch to be politically correct.

     This saying, on the back of the shirts was liberated from the active duty             folks when they made the mistake of giving the Gofer a sample of their shirts!

 or      Your choice for only $10.00!  These or a medium quality hat with a strap size   adjuastment in the rear.

   This hat comes in sizes Small Med or Large and the cost will be $20.00 each.      As usual, swifty had to show up at the back door to prove he gives a shit.  We     are sure that we can get a hat or two without the "Give a Shit" if requested.

If you have any questions just ask Larry, Curley or Moe!

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